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A memorial within the tranquil surrounds of Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens is a lasting tribute of remembrance for those we love.

From an elegant rose garden to a traditional wall niche, or the natural beauty of a family memorial garden – our memorials can be as unique as each individual desires.

Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens prides itself on maintaining its paths, walkways, lawns and gardens in a beautiful condition all year round, so that people attending services or visiting memorials of loved ones can enjoy a restful and pleasant experience.

Our dedicated team are specially chosen to care for families and to make sure your loved one is treated with dignity and respect.

You can be assured that our people are professionals who appreciate how important it is to establish a memorial that provides an everlasting link between the past and the future.

Distinctive features of peace and beauty

We offer a wide choice designed to reflect personal aesthetics, adhere to cultural needs, and respect religious beliefs. We also offer many different price options.

We encourage people to use floriography – the language of flowers – to communicate a special message.

For example, white roses for eternal love; bellflowers which mean “thinking of you”; or daisies which symbolise faith and purity. Others will be familiar with rosemary or forget-me-nots for remembrance; violets for faithfulness; and daffodils for respect.

Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens continues to invest in innovative new ideas to complement the traditional products within our park

To find out more about Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens and the services we offer, please call us on (07) 3349 2001.

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