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Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens fosters close connections with its local community, particularly SIDS and Kids Queensland (formerly known as the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Association of Queensland) and the Chung Tian Temple.

SIDS and Kids Queensland provides bereavement and grief counselling for all types of loss, including SIDS, miscarriage, still birth, neo natal death, accidental death, drowning and congenital abnormalities.

Queensland has the highest rate of SIDS and stillbirth in Australia, and we are proud to give our support in helping SIDS and Kids Queensland achieve its goals.

Chung Tian Temple was established to promote Buddhism and integrate Eastern culture into Australian traditions in the context of multiculturalism. It is an active cultural, educational and tourist centre in Queensland and has been widely recognised as a successful model for its multicultural approach.

To find out more about Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens and the services we offer, please call us on (07) 3349 2001.

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