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Spiritual Mountain Garden (Ling San Yuan)

Brisbane’s newest and most significant Asian memorial garden, Ling San Yuan (Spiritual Mountain Garden) is set amidst the beautiful and historic grounds of Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens.

Granite memorials in Ling San Yuan gardens in Mt. Thompson Memorial GardensOne of the granite memorials in Ling San Yuan gardens.

The auspiciously selected garden is on an elevated site with stunning views of the Brisbane city skyline. We selected the location for Ling San Yuan following a full Feng Shui study to ensure the spiritual nature of the site, in accordance with Asian cultural tradition.

Ling San Yuan features terraced gardens that support the beautifully designed, full granite memorials commissioned specifically for this development.

The memorials are available in a variety of colours and sizes and can accommodate up to eight ash urns. Each memorial features carved granite sculptures and has its own incense burner.

Ling San Yuan is further enhanced by a shrine that features a carved granite sculpture of Sitigaba (Di Zhang Wang), as well as various smaller shrines on each garden level that feature carved granite sculptures of Avalokitesvara (Quanyin), the Goddess of Mercy.

Each sculpture has been blessed and consecrated, in accordance with Asian custom.

Iron Bark scatter pillars at Mt. Thompson Memorial GardensIron Bark scatter pillars.

Another beautiful feature of the Ling San Yuan is the carved stone reliefs of famous Chinese paintings. These include traditional landscapes, and one that decorates the back wall of the Sitigaba shrine depicting nightingales sitting in a peach tree.

Scatter Pillars

Scatter Pillars provide families with an alternative to collections and self-scattering of ashes – an innovative way to provide a connection for families to the place of scatter and memorialisation.

People will love the natural look of the material used to construct these memorials, and they will also enjoy the outlook over the natural bushland area.

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