About Mt. Thompson

Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens heritage gate

Memories are forever – keeping those we love near.

We are a sanctuary where family and friends can come to reflect, honour and pay tribute to their loved ones in a tranquil, calming environment. We are a place where peace and privacy are cherished and will always be respected.

Location: Nursery Road, Holland Park, QLD 4121

Phone: (07) 3349 2001

Prearrange a Memorial

Prearranging a memorial for yourself or for your whole family ensures that you have a place where you can always be together, forever.

It is financially wise as you pay today's price and avoid inflation. Your requirements will be carried out at an agreed cost. It also takes the stress of making decisions on your behalf away from loved ones at a difficult and emotional time.

Ling San Yuan

Ling San Yuan

Ling San Yuan (Spiritual Mountain Garden) is set on an elevated site with stunning views of the Brisbane city skyline.

Ling San Yuan features terraced gardens that support the beautifully designed, full granite memorials.

The location for Ling San Yuan is following a full Feng Shui study to ensure the spiritual nature of the site, in accordance with Asian cultural tradition.



Having a permanent place that can be visited is an important part of the healing process. Brendan Moar, Landscape Gardener and TV Presenter, discusses the importance of memorials and the options available to you.

Online Resting Place

Online Resting Place

Resting Place from HeavenAddress is an online search tool that allows you to discover the physical memorial location of family and friends within the grounds of Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens and Crematorium.

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